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Tom and Lucy Belt are the Co-Founders of Partners in Ministry. They began the ministry began in 1982 with a heart of simply, “finding, encouraging and releasing others who are called according to His purposes.” Tom and Lucy have not only been successful with this calling in Partners, but they have encouraged countless people across the world to fulfill God’s calling in their hearts. They currently serve as Advisors to the Partners Board. As a composer, Tom has written many worship songs to express his great love for Jesus. Tom has served the body of Christ with music evangelism and worship leading, and in pastoral care, primarily in the Anglican Church. He retired from the Church of Jesus Our Shepherd in 2014 after over 50 years of ministry, but he and Lucy continue to minister everywhere they go.




Bobby and Nan Bullard have been in some sort of lay ministry since well before they were married over 26 years ago. Bobby owns his own Land Planning business and Nan was a Special Education teacher in the public schools until God called her to homeschool their 5 children. Bobby and Nan are humbled at the honor of being Directors of Partners in Ministry, and they look forward to carrying on PIM’s incredible 30+ year legacy of worldwide evangelism and discipleship for many more years to come!

Bill and Mary Debardeleben are long-time members of PIM and its board- with Bill serving as treasurer for many years. Bill, the pastor of the Church of Jesus Our Shepherd, and Mary have been married for 42 years and have 3 children and 4 grandchildren. Their oldest grandson was married two weeks ago. Mary is a former elementary school teacher and, in spite of being slowed by MS, is active in keeping Bill on track.


Justin and Brooke McLoughlin - Justin McLoughlin is the the president of Syntact Neurophysiology, a medical consulting company.  Brooke McLoughlin is a clinical psychologist and runs New Hope Psychotherapy in Grayson, GA. They have 7 precious children and their family has been significantly impacted by many of the missionaries, board members, and partners of PIM. They are excited to get to serve Jesus in this way.

David & Stephanie Palusky - David and Stephanie have been focused in their purpose of making Jesus famous. As an electrical engineer, David was helping record the Jesus Film for a primitive tribe in the Amazon, recognized a need, and began developing solar projection systems to show the Jesus Film. David founded Renew World Outreach to produce these tools for missionaries worldwide. Renew uses emerging technology to spread the Word of God among those with no previous access. Stephanie was a single missionary in the Dominican Republic before she married David. They started their family while serving alongside Youth With a Mission in Albania. While helping David found Renew World Outreach in the Atlanta area, Stephanie home-schooled their two children, who both share their parents passion: that everyone would have access to God's Word in their own language.

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Liz Bozuto - Liz is the child of Irish immigrants and grew up in an extended family from Virginia, which included foster and abandoned children.  As early as the age of 5, Liz knew that she wanted to be a missionary after seeing pictures of people living in the tropics. Her mom told her that they were people who didn’t know Jesus and were visited by Missionaries. She was thrilled to think that one day she could visit them when she grew up, and take them her summer clothes! The Lord has shown Liz much over the years-- and she knows that you can only activate a plan when the Lord calls you to go! So, as Liz would say,  “Until then I must do all I can, for whomever I can, whenever I can, for as long as I can!’